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Localised tweet module for joomla

This module uses geo-localisation from phone GPS or browser to pinpoint the users location (if specified) and show local tweets at a specified radius. It can also be used to show a fixed point and surrounding tweets.

This one is set to your location with a 30km tweet radius and 30 markers (as everyone may be sleeping where I am). Alternatively take a look at a fixed map of Tokyo.


Current features include:

  • Show Tweets yes/no
  • Tweet Radius
  • Number of icons before they get replaced
  • Specified location or users location
  • Zoom level
  • Map size
  • Map type (including earth)
  • Show map type controls
  • Show map scale
  • Allow dragging
  • Show control/control type
  • Mouse zoom yes/no


Can be used as a regular google map module by switching the tweets off, but where's the fun in that???